We are Developing and Distributing best quality “High Speed, High Volume Organic or Food Waste Decomposition System using Micro- Organism” For Food and Organic Waste related industries, who are handling large quantity of food or organic material, such as Restaurant, Hotel, School, hospital, Supermarket, Food-Meat-Fish Plant, Municipal Facility, Government Agency, Cruiser Boat, Naval ship and Submarine.

This is same with Micro-Organisms Products, and we have varieties Of Micro-Organism Products covering not only for the Food or Organic Waste applications, but also for the *Cleaning and Deodorizing Applications. Our Micro-Organisms are known to be one of the best in the world.

*Some restrictions and limitations might be applied in certain countries where Required by laws .

Contributing to Humankind with the World Best Technology of Mechanics and Micro-Organism by Decomposing Organic or food waste and by reduction of the usage of Fossil Energy.

We are helping the Earth to be more healthier the Environment to be More cleaner.

: To deliver a superior product which has been rigorously tested and approved by regulatory agencies
: To provide superior Customer Service by delivering results that always exceed Customer expectations
: To ensure our superior technology will always contribute to environmental sustainability and the preservation of resources as governed by State and Federal standards
: To conduct continuous Research and Development to provide future Product and Service enhancements
: To ensure our product meets all nationwide Safety and Regulatory standards at all times.
: To convey the highest level of Economical benefits to our customers without compromising the integrity of our product,service or environment.