We produce a Total Systems which can decompose Organic(Food) Waste and convert into Drainable Liquid or Clean Water and Compost by Mechanic System and Micro- Organism, so they can save the user money and environment. We have two kinds of product category,one is Machine and the other is Micro-Organism.



GohBio 1001, Supergo H20, and GohBio-Cruiser. GohBio 1001 Series is small sized, compacted and specially for Food and Human Digestible Wastes, which means whatever human can eat or digest can be decomposed by this machine. Typically, Food Wastes are decomposed and converted into drainable liquid.

Supergo H20 Series is from small compacted size to big and Plant size, virtually for most of Organic Wastes including oil. Can decompose and convert into almost drinkable water and useful compost. Comes with variety of special and automatic devices. Gohbio-Cruiser series is On-Board type with GohBio and Supergo H20 function.

GohBio Cruise is designed to provide all the operational benefits of land based systems with an optional autoleveling system to accomadate constant movement typical of ocean vessels.



Our Micro-Organisms are not only for our machines but also can achieve world class specification for other use.