Industrial and Environtal sensitive use

Industrial and Environmental Sensitive Use : SuperGo H20 Series ( AKA “Super Bio” in some countries ). Various models and Custom Made Types are available, from Compact size(30 LBS / 15 Kg) to Unlimited size( Plant Type ) and Can be made to meet any specific customer’s requirement to Convert most Organic Waste Into Clean Water and Compost by Micro-Organism.

High speed Organic Waste Decomposition System 100% conversion to compost and clean water. High speed decomposition in 24 hours using patented system and a special blend of natural microorganism. Safe environment solid waste management solution. Social & lifestyle upgrade in sanitation, safety and home/work conditions. Health & hygiene safeguards minimize cost for sanitation, pest control and odour. Ecologically safe and natural.

Available Models with Daily(24 hours) Treatable Capacity

Handling Capacity
SuperGoH2O™ 30 30 LBS,15 Kg / day
SuperGoH2O™ 60 60 LBS,30Kg / day
SuperGoH2O™ 100 100 LBS,50Kg / day
SuperGoH2O™ 200 200 LBS, 100Kg / day
SuperGoH2O™ 500 500 LBS,250Kg / day
SuperGoH2O™ 1000 1000 LBS,500Kg / day
SuperGoH2O™ 2000 2000 LBS,1000Kg / day
SuperGoH2O™ 10000 10000 LBS, 5000Kg / day

SuperGoH2O 100kg