Alpensia Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Stadium

  • 2018 Winter Olympic Bid Location
  • World class ski resort
  • 20,000 population


Alpensia Food Waste Conversion Center

  • Pyeongchang City, GS E & C and BioHitech
  • 1 month old $3 M turn-key-project
  • 3-4 months to build entire project
  • Processes 5 tons of organic waste per day
  • Manages waste for 20,000~25,000 people
  • Scalable
  • 99% conversion success rate
  • 40%~50% of the 5 tons of organic waste is converted to clean water
  • Takes 7-9 days to clean water. (2-3 ppm)
  • The rest is composted.
  • Ex. 5 tons of waste processed in 3 months produces 30 tons of compost
  • Technology can be adjusted to output 2%~50% compost
  • 1-2 people managed the system
  • 10-15 crew picked up garbage 1-2 times per week
  • Microorganisms and rice husks are replenished every 6-8 months

60X130 Yards
Plastic, metal, glass, hard objects such as large beef bones are automatically separated into a large bin.
  • Packaged food, aluminum cans, plastic are automatically separated into a bin.
  • Crushing device break down larger size waste items to appropriate size.
  • Food waste enters the system for processing
  • Special blend of microorganisms fully decompose cellulose, lignin, protein, fat and more.
Patented “Automatic Aerator” automatically supplies fresh air in the reactor to enhance biological decomposition.
Cools the water from the reactor before it enters the BOD Regulator.
Patented Waste Water Treatment System treats the wastewater generated in compliance with the municipal, city and government regulations.
Patented system deodorizes the emission from the biological decomposition
  • High speed composter.
  • High grade compost is complete in 3-5 days.
  • Every 6 months a new batch of micro organism and rice husk are replenished as part of regular maintenance.
  • Comes with an automatic bagging machine.
Crusher & Separator
Food Waste Holding Tank
Converting Food Waste into Clean Watery by Micro-Organism, Suitable for Big Ships, with Big Kitchen, such as Cruiser Boat, Naval Ship and Submarine.

Patented Crushing Device increases the contact area of the waste and the microorganism for faster decomposition.

Automatically loads the waste in the reactor.

Supergo H20 3.5ton/day(7,000LBS/DAY)

Organic compost manufacturing equipment (4Ton/day)